jeudi 4 juin 2015

My incredible 24h in Barcelona

Sometimes, life offers us great surprises ... this is what happened to me 2 weeks ago ...
 As I was reading my friends news on facebook, I saw a very interesting message from Flo who's living in Singapour. She was speaking of a trip to Ibiza through Barcelona ... I wrote her as a joke "next time inform me before I can come with you !". Two seconds after she was answering me "I can stay 24h hours in Barcelona !"
After a quick phone call to my husband, another one to my mum to know if she could keep my girls ... I bought my train tickets ! 
Flo changed her flight departure and booked a very nice room in La Pedrera Hotel.
The meeting was arranged !
The Renfe speed train
On the 27th of may in the morning, my husband dropped me at the Perpignan railway station (South of France - 200km north of BCN). 1 hour and 20 minutes later, I was in Barcelona ! I was so happy to find Flo at the hotel when I arrived. It's been 3 years we haven't seen each other. Last time it was in Lausanne, Switzerland ! 

To tell you our story, I met Flo 8 years ago, with my husband and mom in Munnar - India. We  met again in Varkala, India Kerala. We kept in touch thanks to facebook for years till she invited us to stay in her flat for our Xmas market in Montreux, Switzerland. She moved few weeks after to Singapour. The thing is, even if we are both French, we've never met in France ... I told you ... life and its surprises ! 
 A beautiful church and its garden we saw just before the theft 

Noon : it was too early to check in, then we decided to left our luggage in the hotel and to reach the sea ! We both well know the city. Our aim was just to enjoy, to wander around ... and to chat ... girls we are !
But ... 10mn after the beginning of our walk, a thief stole the bag of my friend by tearing it away from her shoulder. What he didn't know is that Flo is a triathlete ... she ran after him so fast ... she screamed after him ... and two foreigners helped her to catch him ... we got the bag back ! 
OMG we were so scared ... the theft was violent ... Flo had all her papers, money and camera in this bag because we couldn't left them in our room ! 
Then we went to the "ramblas" to have a fruit juice in the famous "boqueria Sant Josep" market ... we bought gorgeous cherries ... we tried to find a new bag to buy because the handle of the other had been broken ... we didn't see anything interesting ... then, we decided to go back to the hotel to check in ...
All the food in this market is just amaaaaaazing ! So fresh, so good, so colorful !
We had a good break in our comfortable room. I studied the map to see where the "Cerveseria Catalana" was ... a "tapas" restaurant recommended by one of Flo's friend.
After this small break, we felt a little bit more relaxed. When we got out, it was like a new start and a real good one ! 
First of all ... we went window-shopping while we were going to the restaurant ... as if by magic Flo found a great new bag ... 
And it was really magic when we came in the "Catalana". We arrived in the restaurant at 4P.M. ... the perfect time to get a place at the bar in this very famous "place to be". We had incredible tapas, especially the "huevos estrallados" that I love, beautiful " piquillos de pimientos" with "bacalao", great mini burgers with caramelized onions and "sepias a la planxa" (cuttlefishes) so well done ! Oh I forgot !!! Fresh Estrella (beer) of course ! 
The famous "huevos estrellados" with eggs and serrano ham
Finally, it takes so little to make girls happy : good food and ... shopping ...
After this great meal we went shopping again, of course !
Clothes this season are really my style ! I love them ! 
I bought a lot in Women'secret this worldwide brand we don't have in France.
Flo bought swimming suits. Two t-shirts, a dress and one trousers free for me ... 3 bought = 1 free ! How to resist ???
I bought both but be safe, I won't wear them together ...

We went at 10P.M to eat with one of my best friend : Julie who lives in Barcelona ... another great time in a great tapas restaurant again ! It was so gooooood to be in the same time with two lovely friends who live abroad !
The next day, we had one mission : Flo wanted to bring back very good ham for her Singapourian friends. Julie told us to buy in Enrique Tomas, paseo San Juan / Diagonal corner. We also ate there for lunch. I am found of "bellota" : a ham of exception ! We had very good toasts of bellota, manchego (spanish cheese) and chorizo with a mediterranean salad.
Then, it was time for Flo to take her flight. She left at half past noon. I thank her so much for this amazing moment together.
My train was at 4:25 ... I had time to spent in the city all alone. I enjoyed the architecture, I shopped few souvenirs for my family and I had a last coffee to write few post cards. 
Enjoy with me the Barcelona beauty : 
And everytime I left Barcelona it is the same, I want to move in !
SeE U sOOn My FavoriTe CitY ...

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  1. Wow! You did lots of things in just a few hours! WS is one of my favourite shops, too!
    Best regards from Barcelona,

    1. Ohhh next time we have to meet somewhere for a chat around tapas ;)
      We walked a lot but it is so easy in Barcelona, so beautiful to walk around :-)


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